Release 0.8.0 – light / dark / system theme

April 15, 2023

Hey Everyone!

Just to assure You — we hear your voice. We noticed, through one of the Difree’s feedback channels, You have a strong need of light/dark/system theme feature.

We get it, we use the dark theme, too.

That’s why, with the version 0.8.0 the dark theme is being introduced. It’s available in the Option menu in the Sidebar.

Play nice and safe 🙂


⭢ 0.8.0 – 2023-04-15
# Added
1. Add dark theme

How to install / update

  • Install extension in the browser:
  • Update extension to new version: the update should happen automatically when the browser runs. To check, enter Extension section in browser.

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Written by Aleksander Jaworski who lives and works in Wrocław, Poland, co-creating Difree. You should follow us on Mastodon.

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