Release of version 0.4.0 – new feedback loop

May 15, 2022

Hey Everyone,
We have just released a new version of Difree – 0.4.0. Our main focus was to improve feedback loop in Difree.

What’s changed?

Our main focus was to improve feedback loop in Difree. We would like to know more what you think about the extension.

  1. After each major release (e.g., 0.3.5 → 0.4.0, or 0.8.9 → 1.0.0) we will show the blue dot on the Feedback icon indicating there’s something new in Difree.
  2. When you click on the icon, the Feedback pop-up appears.
  3. You can leave your feedback there. If you add your e-mail address, we will contact you back.

Blue dot on Feedback icon in Difree ] We hope, we can hear from you more and more often.

How to install / update

  • Install extension in the browser:
  • Update extension to new version: the update should happen automatically when the browser runs. To check, enter Extension section in browser.

Your feedback is crucial!

Please let us know how we are doing! Write on [email protected] or tooth @getdifree.


See all the changes in Changelog](

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Written by Aleksander Jaworski who lives and works in Wrocław, Poland, co-creating Difree. You should follow us on Mastodon.

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